The special papers improve the industries and daily life styles

Utilizing Washi’s originalities “Even, thin and Strong”, we produce unique papers on demand.
Daifuku is one stop of paper manufacturer from selecting raw materials and
making a proto type to large scale production. Base paper for adhesive tape,
base paper for electric insulation, Art work wrapping paper, those are just some examples.
Our Washi paper is a material with unlimited possibilities and it can be leveraged in many places.
In fact our wide variety of special papers are used in many different kinds of industrial field around the world.


Our special papers are used in variety of products and followings are some examples.

【 Base Paper for Double Sided Adhesive Tape 】

This base paper has a uniform thickness and no protruding object. It has low density so that adhesive material can penetrate to the core of paper. This is one of our long term supplying products.

Base Paper for Double Sided Adhesive Tape

【 Base Paper for Adhesive Tape 】

Our base paper for adhesive tape are used for paint masking, wrapping, medical and electronic parts tape.

Base Paper for Masking Adhesive Tape

【 Base Paper for Electric and Electronics parts 】

Our base paper suits for the separator of electrolytic condenser. The paper is made of Manila hemp. Combined with aluminum foil, Manila hemp provides an ideal strength and flexibility to constitute the condenser. It is produced not to contain electrically and chemically harmful, such as conductive particles and chlorines.

Base Paper for Electric and Electronics parts

【 Base Paper for Construction Material 】

This base paper is required to have an excellent resin impregnating ability and not to include shives or dust.

Base Paper for Construction Material

【 Base Paper for Industrial Use 】

For specific industrial use, raw materials are carefully selected. Alumina fiber, activated charcoal fiber, Carbon fiber, and glass fibers are some of example materials we use.

Base Paper for Industrial Use

【 Paper for Cosmetic Use 】

Our paper is used for cosmetic use. This is high-class cosmetic paper for removing fat on the skin. It is made for thin and smooth paper and processed to remove fat more effectively with our technical know-how.

Paper for Cosmetic Use

【 Art work wrapping paper 】

Neutral paper for wrapping art works. By utilizing the characteristics of Washi, it is processed not to damage the artwork. (Ham wrapping paper)

Base Paper for Food Packaging

【 Base Paper for Clothes 】

Our paper is also used in clothes, for instance knit product. This paper yarn in made of Manila hemp and has a good water resistance, washability, and extension. It is rich in coolness, hygroscopic, and bulkiness.

Base Paper for Clothes

  • 【 Base Paper for Medical Use 】

    Medical use papers have high requirements. Our paper with sterility, non-toxicity and other special features are widely used in medical and welfare fields.

  • 【 Base Paper for Other Use 】

    As a special paper manufacture, we are the company who can innovate on demand paper for the customers. The number of special paper products we have produced are uncountable. We are looking forward to working with you.