Living with Mino Washi and inheriting its tradition

Daifuku is located in Mino, Gifu Japan, where is famous for Mino Washi, Japanese traditional paper made in the Mino area. Mino Washi has history of 1,300 years and, craftsmanship of traditional hand-made Mino Washi was registered as Intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in November 2014. We are proud of living with its tradition so closely.
Our mission as a paper manufacture is not only to preserve Mino Washi heritage but also to produce innovative paper products. To achieve the mission, Daifuku’s techniques, expertise and professionalism are routinely passing down from one generation to another generation.


R&D is our vital

Since the establishment, Daifuku has invested tremendous time and efforts on our R&D activity. As a result we have successfully provided number of competitive special papers into the market. We believe that the R&D activities are our vital to strengthen our position as a special paper maker. By making great efforts on the R&D activities in long term and recognizing market trend and needs and wishes of our customers, we promises our customers that we continue to provide innovative and imaginative products. Our R&D activities will never end.

Things we can do for our client

As a leading special paper maker, we can develop on demand special paper for the customers. Our R&D group with tremendous skills and other experts closely support you as a partner with taking account into quality, cost, and other aspects. Let us know your needs and we do our best to bring you not only high quality products but also high satisfaction. This is what we can do for our clients.


To save our natural environment

Water and other natural resources are essential for our manufacturing activities. Daifuku sets out on its environmental management criteria and has been certified with ISO14001 in 2005. For instance white water is filtered by our drain system with very strict criteria before returning to the river. Also paper sludge is recycled for cement raw material. To minimize the waste and save our natural environment, we continue to promote our nature conservation activities.